FCC pushes forward on VoIP termination charges

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One year after the Federal Communications
Commission (FCC) released the National Broadband Plan, it is moving
slowly forward on a key recommendation — overhaul of intercarrier
compensation for termination of telecommunications traffic.  In
particular, the FCC is tackling the thorny issue of whether to classify VoIP as telecommunications service and to apply
termination charges. 
Earlier this month the FCC issued an announcement that it will hold a
series of workshops with carriers in an attempt to build consensus on
the FCC’s intercarrier compensation proposed rules issued on February 9,
2011. Interested parties must submit comments on April 1,
2011 on
the FCC’s proposed rules in advance of the workshop.  The FCC has said
that it intends to issue
a final order “within a few months” after May when all comments will
have been submitted. The FCC’s proposal for VoIP termination charges
proposes a wide range of options
rather than one definitive solution.  Among the options for VoIP
termination charges are: no charges at all, charing a set
amount (such as the $.0007 rate adopted by many carriers as a voluntary
solution), and carriers’ interstate switched access rates.

Panelists at the
first workshop on April 6, 2011 who will address the VoIP termination issue

Kathleen Grillo, Senior Vice President,
Regulatory Affairs, Verizon

* Eric Einhorn, Vice President of Federal
Government Affairs, Windstream Communications Inc.

* Julie Laine, Group Vice President, Regulatory,
Time Warner Cable Inc.

* Brendan Kasper, Senior Regulatory Counsel,
Vonage America           

* Lisa R. Youngers, Vice President, Federal
Affairs, XO Communications Inc.

* Paul Gallant, Senior Vice President / Telecom
Analyst, MF Global: Washington Research Group

* Peter McGowan, 
General Counsel, New York State Public Service Commission

The first workshop will begin 9:15 a.m. in the FCC’s Meeting
Room (TW-C305), 445 12th Street, S.W., Washington, D.C.  Interested parties who cannot attend in
person may listen to the workshop at http://www.fcc.gov/live or via a conference bridge 866-566-7390; Passcode 4732812.

For more information on the FCC’s proposed VoIP termination charge rules, contact anita@icommlaw.com.

FCC moves forward with overhaul of intercarrier compensation rules including whether termination charges will apply to VoIP

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