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Serving Walnut Creek, CA

Free initial consultation, Fixed hourly rates, Fixed fees available

As businesses, hospitals, schools, and non-profit agencies continue to grow and become more competitive in their service sectors, their need for technology to maintain that growth becomes a high priority.  Businesses from small to large have substantial telecommunications needs.  This technology, however, comes with a cost.  Building and maintaining successful operations, including implementing needed technology, is critical to your business, but so is cost savings in a downturned economy.

Whether you are a new or established business with new or existing telecommunications services, there are a number of ways to optimize cost savings.  For end users, telecommunications service involves multi-year contracts, complex telecommunication agreements, knowledge of telecommunications laws, regulations, and compliance, all of which affect the services you use and subsequent costs.  This is only the beginning, to complicate matters even more, as with most businesses and organizations, you needed the technology yesterday.  Time pressures and lack of knowledge could create costly mistakes. 

Maximize your cost savings

Whether you are about to embark on a search for new services or are updating or evaluating existing telecommunications services, it is highly recommended that you seek an experienced telecommunications consultant who can assist end users in analyzing their existing and future business contracts and related costs.  Additionally, having a consulting attorney with professional telecommunications auditors, who can conduct audits of your contract inventory, can help identify ways to reduce costs and increase efficiency. 

Telecommunications consultants and auditors assist with cost savings by:

  • Developing strategies and techniques for successful service provider negotiations
  • Planning and negotiating contracts protecting you from unexpected rate increases, overcharges, and outages
  • Reviewing existing contracts to determine if consolidating multiple contracts into one master service agreement is a viable option
  • Verifying contracts for compliance
  • Analyzing invoices for corrections and recovery
  • Defining financial management and cost control strategies.

Regulations compliance

As a business or organization, understanding your needs in conjunction with local and federal regulations can save you money.  This can be handled efficiently and effectively with a telecommunications consulting firm.

Like carriers, end users must also comply with regulatory requirements.  State and federal laws establish regulations surrounding:

  • E911 service
  • Protecting the privacy of employees and customers contacting your business utilizing electronic communications systems
  • Recording phone calls of customers contacting consumer service

A knowledgeable telecommunications consultant is able to evaluate your business operations to identify regulations liabilities.  A telecommunications attorney can help develop a compliance plan to avoid legal problems and potential litigation for non-compliance.

Benefits of retaining a telecommunications consulting firm:
As a telecommunications law firm, we assist you in:

  • Identifying savings and cost reduction opportunities
  • Recovering overcharges for unused or incorrectly invoiced services
  • Consolidating invoices and accounts maximizing contractual discounts
  • Learning to avoid unforeseen contract traps
  • Establishing a compliance plan if one does not exist

Telecommunications consultants help recognize cost savings

If you are looking to maintain cost controls and directly impact your telecommunications budget related to the services you need, it is critical to have an experienced telecommunications consultant on your side.  To schedule a consultation to discuss your telecommunications needs, contact iCommLaw or call 888-895-1417.

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