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Newsday reported on Friday, February 3rd that the Suffolk County Legislature will soon consider a bill to double the $55.00 administrative fee charged on traffic tickets (excluding red light camera tickets) handled by the Suffolk County Traffic and Parking Violations Agency (“SCTPVA”) in Hauppauge. This revenue-raising proposal is bad news for the residents of Suffolk County. We are a community of working class people. Whether one drives to work, to school, to the train station or the shopping center, residents of Suffolk County rely on their cars to conduct the activities of their daily lives. It is a fact of life that many people who drive regularly receive traffic tickets. While the SCTPVA is far more flexible than the court it replaced, the SCTPVA already carries the highest fines for traffic violations among the traffic courts in Suffolk County. If fines from this court are unpaid, they double after 30 days and triple after 60 days. A driver who is unable to pay a fine in a timely manner can incur penalties that raise a fine for a 3 point moving violation or even a zero point parking violation to around $1,000.00. A doubling of the administrative fee on traffic tickets to $110.00 will exacerbate the significant financial hardship which many drivers experience in resolving traffic tickets that get processed by the SCTPVA. The Suffolk County Legislature should not approve a proposal to increase the administrative fee.

We represent drivers who receive speeding tickets and traffic tickets which are handled by the SCTPVA. Drivers with such traffic tickets may contact our office for a free consultation on the best way to respond to the ticket.

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