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Newsday reported on February 23rd that under a new order from the Suffolk County Administrative Judge C. Randall Hinrichs, drivers who appear in the SCTPVA on traffic tickets no longer face the risk of being sent to jail from that court or having bail imposed. This had occurred in the past in certain cases in which a SCTPVA Judge had deemed the driver to present a very serious risk to the public and cases in which the driver had multiple prior convictions for driving without a license (VTL 509). Pursuant to the new order, any case in the SCTPVA in which jail or bail is recommended for a driver must be transferred to the District Court. The driver will then receive a notice to appear in the District Court and will remain free without bail until the scheduled court date. While very few drivers had bail imposed or faced jail in the SCTPVA, the new order eliminates a very serious concern for drivers appearing on traffic tickets in the SCTPVA.

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