Southampton NY Traffic Lawyer/SCTPVA Update September 2013

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The Suffolk County Traffic & Parking Violations Agency (“SCTPVA”) replaced the Traffic Violations Bureau operated by the NYS Department of Motor Vehicles on April 1, 2013. After a few months of operation, attorneys have learned a few things regarding what to expect when appearing in this new court on traffic violations:     (1) Unlike its predecessor agency, the SCTPVA will offer to plea bargain most moving violations on a pretrial basis. (2) The SCTPVA will not plea bargain moving violations which, in the view of the administration of the SCTPVA, jeopardize public safety. VTL 1144 is an example of a violation which the SCTPVA will not plea bargain at the present time. Drivers are forced to go to trial to contest these types of charges.    (3) The SCTPVA will not typically offer to dismiss any charges as part of a proposed plea bargain. In other words, if a driver has multiple violations and the charges are of the type the SCTPVA will plea bargain, the driver can expect to be offered a reduced violation for each violation originally charged. (4) The fines imposed by the SCTPVA on reductions to non-moving violations are heavy. If a driver has multiple charges of the type the SCTPVA will plea bargain, the driver will incur substantial monetary fines on the reduced violations.

Drivers who receive tickets in the towns of Babylon, Brookhaven, Huntington, Islip and Smithtown that are returnable to the SCTPVA may contact our office for a free consultation on the best way to respond to the ticket.

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