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Under Section 402 of the NYS Vehicle and Traffic Law, a driver is required to have front and rear license plates with a distinctive number for her or his vehicle and to maintain the license plates in a clean and unaltered condition. According to a recent article in Newsday, Suffolk and NYS State Police will soon begin an enforcement effort aimed at drivers who block the efforts of police to read the license plates on cars. Motorists driving through Southampton on Route 27 often see a police officer stationed in the island at the intersection of Montauk Highway and County Road 39 who is using surveillance technology to scan the license plates of the cars moving through the intersection. Among other things, the license plate reader identifies registrations that are not valid and scofflaws. Drivers who are missing a front plate, have a plate covered with plastic or other material or have altered a plate in some way will be the focus of the police during this enforcement effort.

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