18 Wheeler Wrecks Causing Heavy Traffic

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Big rigs cause major delay in traffic this last Friday before the weekend could get started.  All it took was a driver to lose control over his haul this past Friday in Fort Bend County to cause major delays in traffic.  According to reports, the 18 Wheeler was traveling Northbound and ended up on the Southbound lanes of U.S. 59. 

As a result, a pickup truck with two children collided into the 18 wheeler.  At the time no major injuries were reported. Nonetheless, injuries that do occurr from 18 wheeler accidents or even regular car wrecks do not reveal themselves until a few days after. At times, these injuries can be life chaniging.  For those reasons, if you are in a car wreck or 18 wheeler wreck, call a lawyer such as Jose Luis Orihuela. He can help you get the medical attention you need and assist you in recovering funds from the driver at fault. 

If you or loved one have been injured call 832-425-0239 and ask for Jose Luis Orihuela.


For more information on the accident mentioned above, please click on the link below from Houston Chroncle.

Last of 3 big-rig wrecks causing trouble for drivers on U.S.

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