Am I Too Young to Have a Will or an Estate Plan?

Experienced estate planning attorneys can tell you that once you reach the age of 18, you can legally make a will.  If you have assets you would like passed on, you should seek the advice of an attorney to assist you with the estate planning process.

While many people wait till they have children before signing a will, there is no estate deemed too small for an estate plan.  Estate planning is not just about money. It is about providing peace of mind to yourself and your loved ones in the event you are absent from managing your affairs.

Estate planning is about the future of your spouse and your children.  It is also about your future should you become incapacitated. You do not want your children and spouse to be overwhelmed with legal issues should the unthinkable happen.  A legal will and estate plan will provide a safety net for your children, spouse, and other family members. 

The way you manage your estate today impacts your family members in the future. To ensure your hard-earned assets are allocated according to your specific wishes, speak to an estate planning lawyer with wills and probate experience today.

How do I find a legal will and estate planning attorney in Central Florida?

If you reside in central Florida, it is highly beneficial to seek the guidance of an estate planning attorney in the Orlando area who is familiar with such issues.  A legal will or trust are the best ways to ensure that your assets and estate are divided and passed along in the way you wish. 

When you have a medical issue, what do you do?  You seek the advice or a medical professional.  The same rule should apply to getting a legal will and estate plan. You should seek out the advice of a professional.  Contact friends and get referrals of attorneys they have used. Contact your local bar association and ask for referrals of estate planning firms. Use the Internet to research firms in your area and then interview a few will lawyers about your situation. You need to feel comfortable with your attorney, who should have years of experience in estate planning.

Orlando estate planning attorneys at Baldwin & Morrison bring years of experience and an in-depth legal knowledge to all of their cases. They provide legal services in the areas of probate, wills, trusts, and real estate law to residents of Orlando, Winter Park, Casselberry, Sanford, Lake Mary and surrounding cities.

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