Arizona Company Stealth Solar Admits to Consumer Fraud

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Phoenix-based company, Stealth
Solar has admitted to committing several infractions constituting consumer
and its owners will pay thousands to settle a class-action lawsuit.

Protecting Consumers

The attorney general sued Stealth Solar in 2014 after
receiving 50 consumer complaints. “We thank those customers who came forward to
voice their concerns about this company,” stated AZ Attorney General Mark
Brnovich. “Our attorneys want to know about false advertising. With that
information we can hold companies accountable for deceiving consumers.”

Accusations against
Stealth Solar

The company, which sold solar electric energy systems in
Arizona, Hawaii, and California from 2010-2014, is accused of illegally
advertising its services though misleading mailers, deceptive telemarketing,
and lies about government subsidies and utility savings.

Stealth reportedly failed to honor contracts and misled
customers about savings and rebate checks that never came. One Phoenix resident
reportedly tried to obtain his promised $1,000 rebate check for months.
Managers at Stealth allegedly told him the check was in the mail just last
month, but when he called back again the phone line had been disconnected. Others
received fake checks from a bogus company called the National Rebate Center.

Telemarketers working for the company are accused of lying
to customers, telling them they were permanently eligible for a program that
would lower their electric bills 40-75%, that they would receive up to $17,000
in state and federal utility programs, and that 70% of the purchase price would
be paid for via government incentives. Furthermore, the salesman would claim to
be “certified energy analysts.”

Restitution for

The owners of the company have been ordered to pay $92,000
in restitution to customers in addition to $20,000 in attorney’s fees. If they
do not abide by the terms of the agreement, they will face $116,000 in civil

Anyone who purchased energy components from Stealth Solar
must file a complaint with the Arizona Attorney General’s Office before July 1,
2015 to be eligible for restitution.

Consumer Fraud in

states that any deception, deceptive, or unfair act or practice,
fraud, false pretense, false promise, misrepresentation, concealment, or
omission or any material fact with intent that others rely on such concealment
in connection with the sale or advertisement of any merchandise is declared to
be an unlawful practice in Arizona.

Arizona legislature and state officials are committed to
protecting consumers against unlawful advertising. Violators can expect to face
significant fines and possible criminal
fraud charges

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