Husband from Real Housewives Found Guilty of Money Laundering

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Apollo Nida, husband of
Phaedra Parks from the Real
Housewives of Atlanta
, pleaded guilty to allegedly stealing identities of
over 50 people and laundering $2.3 million.

Nida and a group of
individuals reportedly cashed stolen U.S. Treasury checks and Delta Airline
pension fund checks.  They were able to cash the checks through stolen

In addition, Nida also
filed fake tax returns and took out loans on cars he didn’t have.

Nida’s Punishment

Nida entered a plea bargain
where he would be charged with wire and bank fraud in exchange to act as an
undercover investigative capacity.” This included allowing conversations to be recorded with
other individuals associated with the group.  

For this, he was sentenced
to eight years in federal prison instead of 30.  However, Nida also has to
pay $1.9 million in restitution.

This includes payments in restitution to
JP Morgan Chase, IRS, Delta Airlines, the State of California, the State of
Connecticut, and the State of Texas.

Federal Laws about Money Laundering

The Money
Laundering Control Act of 1986
money laundering as a federal crime which is punishable by up to 20 years in
prison and/or up to $500,000 in fines.  This sentence is decided upon for
each laundering act the defendant is found guilty of.

Nida’s case was filed as a
federal crime and not under state.  However, states also can also charge
for money laundering.

Arizona Laws about Money Laundering

 defines the punishments for those found guilty of money laundering
in Arizona.

There are varying degrees
to which an individual can be punished but it will result in between six and
12.5 years in prison per laundering crime committed.

Money Laundering Defense in Arizona

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