Property Owners Face Liability for Slip & Fall Accidents on Their Property

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“Slip & fall” and “trip & fall” accidents can appear to be minor incidents but can cause serious and sometimes permanent injuries.  The most common injuries that result from slips, trips, and falls involve the feet, ankles, wrists, back, knees, head, neck, and shoulders.  Injuries ranging from cuts and bruises, broken bones, brain injury, and torn ligaments can be painful and require surgery, physical therapy, medication, and medical treatments.  Costs can add up quickly, especially if your injury prevents you from returning to work for a period of time.  When injuries do occur, it is important to seek the help of an experienced personal injury attorney who is knowledgeable about premises liability law

Property Owners Can Be Found Liable for Slips and Falls when Negligent with Maintenance and Repairs

When property owners fail to take precautionary measures to prevent slips, trips and falls, they may be held liable for your injury. Whether the incident occurs inside or outside of a building, property owners who fail to adequately maintain their property, or fail to fix problems that can lead to injury in a reasonable amount of time can be held accountable.

Some of the most common places where injuries result from slips, trips, and falls happen on the outside of a property.  Holes in a parking lot, uneven surfaces, poor lighting, and broken or non-existent handrails on steps pose serious risk to business visitors Untreated snow and icy areas can be the biggest culprit is slip and fall accidents.

Flooring inside of commercial buildings is often the site of accidents involving slips and falls. Floors inside of stores, restaurants, and malls are usually tiled and can become slippery when wet.  Spills, weather-related moisture tracked in from the outside, and general cleaning can lead to serious injury when customers or employees slip and fall onto the hard surfaces.  Tile floors are often waxed, which can make them slippery or even sticky in some areas.  Carpeted floors also pose a serious risk when they become worn or damaged.  Many accidents occur when people trip over rolled edging on carpet or on areas that are bulging.  Property owners are expected to provide warning signs for wet floors or uneven surfaces.

Stairs, elevators, and escalators are another area of concern for building owners.  Missing handrails, trash or debris, and the absence of non-skid materials on stairs can lead to falls.  Elevators and escalators that malfunction due to a lack of regular maintenance and inspection create a high risk to those who use them.  Serious injury can occur when malfunctioning equipment causes people to fall or stumble, or if clothing or appendages get stuck in unsecured areas of elevators or escalators.  Property owners must perform proper maintenance and repair in these areas to avoid catastrophes.

Media Personal Injury Attorneys at Schmidt, Kirifides & Fridkin Provide Experienced Representation To Slip & Fall Victims

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“Slip & fall” and “trip & fall” accidents can appear to be minor incidents but can cause serious and sometimes permanent injuries.

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