Action Is Necessary When Dealing With Grief From Losing A Loved One

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Loss in life is inevitable, but there are few if any that
are prepared to loose a loved one, friend or even longtime pet. There are
countless publications on the stages of loss that are readily available on the
Internet, and in book stores that help in dealing with death. The number one
action that should be taken is to deal with the loss immediately and not stuff
it back inside, and try to ignore those thoughts and feelings that people have
during this season in life. Confiding in friends or a parent is a good start,
but there are professionals that will lead a person in a more healthy way
through the seven stages of loss.


Reaction to death in a family varies due to how it takes
place, if a relative was diagnosed with cancer and they have a year or two to
live, then over time while they are still alive family, people close to that
person can settle their affairs, and say the meaningful things that need to be
said before their passing. On the other hand when say a husband dies in a truck wreck or is mortally wounded at work as a police officer, then the
immediate news is at times just to overwhelming to digest by a spouse, and the
surviving children.


Reactions in this situation can range from just being quiet,
and sad to full out rage, and becoming physically violent. Hospitalization is
warranted in some cases to have medication administered, and professional
therapy, or counseling to start and continue the healing process from a death
to someone that is close. Many believe that just talking to a priest, or
pastor, and being close to the remaining family will help overcome this
scenario, but it is more likely a combination of all of the above may be
necessary when emotions are out of control.


There are also specialized grief counselors that can be
found in local online yellow pages, and they will have a system in place not
only for adults, but for the children that suffer during these times too. 

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