Deadly Durham Road May Be Cause for Wrongful Death Law Suits?

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Dangerous Durham Road

Academy road is a narrow road in Durham frequently traveled by students and staff at Duke. There has been numerous accidents over the years. The death of a Duke Student earlier this month make the death toll for Academy Drive 4 people in the last 14 years. A similar accident killing three people occurred at the same spot in 1992.

Crash reports blame all deaths on impaired drivers who were speeding late at night, but could there other contributing factors? The North Carolina Department of Transportation will investigate to see if any additional safety measure will help reduce the frequency of accidents on this Durham road. The spokesperson for the DOT says the best prevention is not to drink and drive or speed.

While that is sound advice, you can see how the state is positioning itself in such a way to eliminate their liability. They are going to investigate a road which they blame the cause of accident to be driver errors. As the state demonstrates, you need expert witnesses to state the safety of a road is you wish to prove it safe or not. They will take the steps to protect themselves. If you lost a loved one in a car accident involving a dangerous road, consult a wrongful death attorney to protect your rights.

Wrongful Death on Dangerous Roads

Suing the city, county and state authorities for fatal car accident on dangerous roads is very complicated. Victims injured in accidents, and families of those killed in accidents caused by poorly designed roads and highways, poorly maintained roads, and badly constructed highways should be advised this litigation is not like a two car accident law suit. Suing the government presents many challenge a typical civil suit does not.

County and state agencies must design and maintain roads to minimize the possibility of collisions. Streets should be free of obstructions that could obstruct a motorist’s or motorcyclist’s vision. Roads and highways must be maintained properly and regularly.

There are other factors that can constitute a dangerous road. While these responsibilities seem clear, personal injury lawyers find that the government agencies don’t agree, making it difficult to assign liability. Even after this decision is made, victims may find that getting the agency responsible to admit negligence can be a long process.

Durham Wrongful Death Lawyer

The city, county or state will hire experts to relive themselves of their responsibility in dangerous roads litigation. If you lost a family member to a dangerous road car accident, you should consult an attorney who has dealt with this type of claim before. It is not only about the financial damages you will need to account for the lost family member or the pain and suffering. It is also about the general public’s safety. A wrongful death law suit help get the government to fix dangerous roads.

The Law Firm of John C. Fitzpatrick in Durham helps people who have lost a loved ones in accidental deaths. If you suspect dangerous roads or other factors contributed to or caused death, contact a Durham Wrongful Death Lawyer to discuss your case.

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