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Sadly, car accidents are quickly becoming one of the most common causes of death in this country. Your auto insurance policy could play a huge role in protecting your family. Be well-informed about the ins and outs of your policy and how it could prevent your family from financial ruin.  When in doubt about your coverage contact your insurance adjuster and after the policy is written have it reviewed by a car accident attorney.

Fatal Auto Accidents & Uninsured Motorists

There are several reasons for this phenomenon.  When the economy slips into a recession or a downward turn many other things seem to slip as well. One of the first things to slide is payment of nonessential bills. People become frightened of losing their job and so they stop paying bills and start saving that money instead in preparation for the worst case scenario in terms of a financial future. They usually pay only for the things that will sustain them, such as food and shelter.  Most people know that you are required by law to have insurance if you drive a car-this is the law in California. However, there is little actual deterrent to prevent people from driving without insurance. When people consider their options they think the most that will happen to them is that they may have to pay out of pocket for any damage or injury they cause to another and they think that there is only a remote possibility that they will cause an accident. Most people also consider themselves a safe driver but there are many other things to think about.

Not everyone on the road is a safe driver. While you may think that you can anticipate what other drivers are going to do, you are not a mind reader and as defensive of a driver you may think you are, you cannot anticipate everything. If someone swerves into your lane without their signal at the last minute because they were not paying attention and are trying to avoid missing their freeway exit you might swerve to avoid them and hit someone else. If you do, it will be you who is at fault for the accident and not the person trying to avoid the accident. 

If you are driving uninsured you at risk of being sued personally for any harm or damage you cause, including death. If an uninsured motorist hits you and kills you and you don’t have uninsured motorist coverage then your family will most likely be left with any medical bills and funeral costs. This can be a huge burden.

Funeral Costs & Medical Bills

These days funeral costs, including burial, memorial, funeral, purchasing tombstones, and anything else involved can cost anywhere from $10,000-20,000 on the low side. Ambulance bills are usually around $1,500 and life flights (helicopter ambulance) approximately $25,000 and up.  Hospital bills for ER visits start at around $5,000. However, if you are in there for anything that could be a fatal injury the bills will likely be $100,000 or more.  I mention all of this because if there is no insurance available and you do not sufficient funds to cover these bills you family could be left holding the bag.

That is a lot for anyone to deal with especially when they are already dealing with the hardship of the death of a family member. The moral of the story is make sure you are have auto insurance that is sufficient to protect your family and don’t be a victim of this economy-the risk is not worth the reward.

If you would like an experienced personal injury and wrongful death lawyer to evaluate your situation and advise you as to whether you may have a viable case, The Law Offices of Ledger & Associates at 800-300-0001 or visit www.ledgerlaw.com.

The moral of the story is make sure you are have auto insurance that is sufficient to protect your family and don’t be a victim of this economy-the risk is not worth the reward. If your loved one has been injured killed, immediatley contact nationally recognized wrongful death attorney Emery Brett Ledger at The Law Offices of Ledger & Associates.

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