Many of us love where we live.  We love our home, our yard, our location, our neighbors, etc.  However, over time, we can sometimes outgrow our house.  A house big enough for two may simply be too small for a family of four or five.  Instead of moving, a homeowner may be able to add on to their existing house.  You may be able to add an upstairs, finish a basement, blow out a kitchen or living room, etc.  Upon investigating these options, many homeowners come  to learn of zoning ordinances and other land use laws.  They learn that there are requirements and limitations for yard set backs, ground coverage, roof heights and angles, etc.  In order to get approvals, the homeowners may have to go before the zoning board or planning board.  This can be very intimidating to a homeowner.  With the right help, a homeowner can evaluate the possibility of approval, understand the procedure, and get the timing right.  Please give us a call at the Law Office of Matthew H. Sontz, LLC to see how we can help you with your land use application. 

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