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Amber Statler-Matthews is an Emmy award-winning television producer with 25 years of media experience. Amber has worked for ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX and has produced a wide range of programs from newscasts to investigative specials and events such as presidential conventions and Super Bowl coverage. For the last 16 years, she has been an Executive Producer in the Miami/Ft. Lauderdale news market. Amber is now President of Statler Media, Inc. which produces videos for hospitals and non-profits, as well as, commercials for doctors and medical facilities, video news releases and training videos. She also produced a children’s educational video that teaches language skills. When not producing videos, Amber reports for various websites including Broward Bulldog and Miami Agent Magazine. Recently, one of her articles was published in The Miami Herald. (Dec. 2011-

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How the Law Can Help if a Child Drowns [Video]

Posted 4 years ago in Personal Injury Video by Amber Statler-Matthews

  Pools Pose Hazards for Children Usher Raymond IV, the singer, songwriter and actor known as Usher, is used... Read More

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‘Stand Your Ground’ Law Isn’t Making Anyone Safer [Video]

Posted 4 years ago in Criminal Law Your Personal Rights by Amber Statler-Matthews

  This is Part One of a four-part series on Stand Your Ground laws. Please see Part Two: ‘Stand... Read More

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For Most Student Loans Bankruptcy Is No Way Out [Video]

Posted 4 years ago in Bankruptcy Creditor/Debtor Video by Amber Statler-Matthews

  Student loan debt could be the source of our country’s next financial crisis. There are more than 37... Read More

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Ripped Off Interns Suing Employers for Payment [Video]

Posted 4 years ago in Labor and Employment Video by Amber Statler-Matthews

  The movie, “Black Swan,” is a psychological thriller that at times is a terrifying journey through the disturbed... Read More

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Alimony Reform Is Coming [Video]

Posted 4 years ago in Divorce Video Your Family & The Law by Amber Statler-Matthews

    Deborah Leff Israel founded the Florida chapter of the Second Wives Club, now called the Florida Women... Read More

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