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Josh Crank holds a B.J. from the University of Missouri – Columbia School of Journalism. He is a freelance writer based in New Orleans, Louisiana.

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Anti-Abortion Attorney General Stripped of Law License

Posted 4 years ago in Government Your Personal Rights by Josh Crank

The Kansas Supreme Court has unanimously voted to indefinitely suspend the law license of former Kansas Attorney General Phill... Read More

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Not Every Kind of Weed is Legal in Colorado

Posted 4 years ago in On the Lighter Side by Josh Crank

Colorado became the first jurisdiction in the world to legalize marijuana by popular vote with the passage of Amendment... Read More


Office Tenants Sue Over Hidden Cameras in Public Restrooms

Posted 4 years ago in Criminal Law Your Personal Rights by Josh Crank

A New Jersey jury may soon decide whether a person has a reasonable right to privacy inside a public... Read More

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Drunk Woman Calls 911 for Help Getting Out of Her Car

Posted 4 years ago in Crime Driving & Motor Vehicles by Josh Crank

Sure, Harry Houdini may have successfully crawled through six feet of earth after being buried alive. But could he... Read More

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Joan Rivers Sued for Cutthroat Condo Conduct

Posted 4 years ago in Personal & Home Safety Real Estate by Josh Crank

Comedy legend Joan Rivers funded her $30 million New York City penthouse by skewering celebrities with her merciless wit,... Read More

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