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Dan is the founder of the Abrams Media Network, which includes Mediaite, Geekosystem, Styleite, SportsGrid, The Jane DoughThe Mary Sue, and is co-founder of Gossip Cop. He is also the CEO of Abrams Research.

Dan is currently a legal analyst for ABC and a substitute anchor for “Good Morning America.” Previously, Dan was also the General Manager of MSNBC where he defined the network as “The Place for Politics”. During his tenure, the network saw its most significant ratings and profit gains to date. He also hosted “The Abrams Report”, a nightly legal affairs program, and the acclaimed “Verdict with Dan Abrams”.  He is the current host of Investigation Discovery’s “Chasing Justice With Dan Abrams.”

Dan's Recent Posts

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Probably Won’t Get the Death Penalty

Posted 4 years ago in Crime by Dan Abrams

It’s hard to imagine a crime more deserving of the death penalty than placing bombs specifically designed to maim,... Read More

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Law Enforcement Commitment to Exonerating the Innocent Grows

Posted 4 years ago in Your Personal Rights by Dan Abrams

As a regular observer of our criminal justice system, there are few things more maddening than to watch a... Read More

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Our Obsession with Female Accused Killers

Posted 4 years ago in Crime by Dan Abrams

Let’s make one thing clear at the outset: If Jodi Arias was Johnny Arias and Casey Anthony was Kevin... Read More

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What To Do About Our (Il)Legal Drug Peddlers?

Posted 4 years ago in Consumer Law Personal Injury Products Liability by Dan Abrams

Americans have long enjoyed a good villain. From Congress to Wall Street, lawyers to lobbyists, we love to hate.... Read More

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The Election We Shouldn’t Have

Posted 5 years ago in Government by Dan Abrams

On Nov. 6, millions of American voters will be assisting in what is nothing short of a travesty of... Read More

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