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Ed has been telling stories, professionally, using video, for more than 30 years. Whether it be at local TV stations, or at CBS News or for corporate clients trying to explain a product or an employee initiative, it’s always been about telling a story.

Ed has been the owner of Alpern Communications in New Jersey since 1991 . He serves as a producer, director, writer and editor, working with clients on corporate communications such as video news releases, satellite media tours, events and promotions, internal communications, pharmaceutical animations, commercials and more for companies large and small.

His experience includes:










  • Show Producer, YES (Yankees) Network, What’s It Worth? 2002 – 2003. Created and produced a season (13-1/2 hour) sports memorabilia show with 3 person editorial staff during the YES Network’s inaugural year.















  • Network News Producer, CBS News, Chicago 1989 – 1990. Produced hard news stories for all of the CBS News programs, including the CBS Evening News with Dan Rather. Received a National News Emmy for work on 48 Hours coverage of Hurricane Gilbert in 1989.















  • Network News Producer, CBS News, Denver 1988 – 1989. Produced stories for all of the CBS News broadcasts, including the final feature story of the CBS Evening News every Friday night during the summer of 1988.















  • Associate Producer, CBS Morning News, New York 1982 – 1988. Produced sports, entertainment, hard news and weather travel segments for the CBS Morning News.















  • Sports Producer, WPVI-TV, Philadelphia 1981 – 1982. Produced local sportscasts, local sports features and assigned stories at the #1 ABC affiliate in the country.










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