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Aaron Kase is a writer based in Philadelphia. He reports on legal news, local government and social issues. Contact him at aaronkase@gmail.com. See more at aaronkase.com.

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NFL Star Irving Fryar Indicted for Mortgage Fraud

Posted 4 years ago in Crime Real Estate by Aaron Kase

Former football standout Irving Fryar was indicted last week in New Jersey for allegedly scamming nearly $700,000 through mortgage... Read More

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Varying Drink Sizes and Alcohol Concentrations Lead to DUI

Posted 4 years ago in Driving & Motor Vehicles by Aaron Kase

Consumers who go out for just a couple drinks might find themselves drunker than planned and at risk of... Read More

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Mockingbird Author Harper Lee Sues Museum Over Trademark

Posted 4 years ago in Litigation Your Money & The Law by Aaron Kase

Legendary “To Kill a Mockingbird” author Harper Lee has filed a lawsuit against a museum in the Alabama town... Read More

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Can We Sue the Government To Prevent More Shutdowns?

Posted 4 years ago in Government Your Money & The Law by Aaron Kase

Congress passed a budget resolution last week to end the 16-day shutdown, bring federal employees back to work and... Read More

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Survey Says Prenuptial Agreements Are on the Rise

Posted 4 years ago in Divorce by Aaron Kase

Prenuptial agreements among couples seeking to get married are on the rise, according to a survey of family law... Read More

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