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Matt Plessner is a graduate of Principia College of Elsah, IL, where he studied mass communications with a focus in radio.  He also attended the Broadcast Center in St. Louis, a leading radio school in the country, which led him to work in radio for two and a half years in Texarkana, TX.  Here, he did many tasks, including having his own afternoon show on a top radio station, as well as ultimately becoming the assistant production manager for the conglomerate, Texarkana Radio.  Today, Matt has his own DJ company and is also a self-employed singer/songwriter/recording artist.

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Insurer Sued over Eating Disorders [Podcast]

Posted 4 years ago in Class Actions Consumer Law Podcasts by Matt Plessner

  (iStockPhoto/Thinkstock)   Shelby Oppel Suffers from a Severe Eating Disorder Shelby Oppel suffers from bulimia, a psychiatric problem... Read More

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Beware of Amusement Park Dangers [Podcast]

Posted 4 years ago in Personal Injury Podcasts by Matt Plessner

(Purestock/Thinkstock)   Hazards at Theme Parks You might be planning to usher in a last hurrah of summer by... Read More

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Company Fights to Patent the Human Gene [Podcast]

Posted 4 years ago in Podcasts by Matt Plessner

  U.S. Supreme Court To Decide if Companies Can Patent DNA Myriad Genetics has isolated a human DNA sequence... Read More

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Blood Clot Risks with Yaz Birth Control [Podcast]

Posted 4 years ago in Personal Injury Podcasts Products Liability by Matt Plessner

  The birth control pills, Yasmin and Yaz, and the generic form, ocella, are under fire as 10,000 lawsuits... Read More

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Decriminalizing and Legalizing Pot [Podcast]

Posted 4 years ago in Crime Demystifying the Law Marijuana Podcasts by Matt Plessner

  What’s the difference between the decriminalization and legalization of marijuana? Listen in on reporter Matt Plessner’s podcast.... Read More

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