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Emmy-winning filmmaker and television producer Ted Bogosian has been directing, producing and  writing long-form documentaries since 1978 and directing network episodic drama and independent films since 1997.   A longtime member of the Director’s Guild of America, in 2011 he  was re-elected to a two-year term on the DGA‘s Board of Directors as an Alternate.  Bogosian is also 30-year member of the Writer’s Guild of America, East and has won the annual WGA Award for Outstanding Achievement in Documentary writing.   An adjunct professor at Duke University, teaching the Visting Filmmaker’s Master Course for seven semesters,  Bogosian serves on the board of  Duke/Durham’s FullFrame Documentary Film Festival.

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Most Dangerous Toys of 2012 [Video]

Posted 5 years ago in Personal Injury Products Liability Video by Ted Bogosian

  Dangerous toys injure and kill, warns the president of a well-known consumer advocacy group. Be careful of what... Read More

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You Can Go To Jail for Texting and Driving [Video]

Posted 5 years ago in by Ted Bogosian

Think again if you have a habit of texting while driving your car. A Massachusetts teenager was texting and... Read More

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Video: Know Your Rights as An Accused Noncitizen

Posted 5 years ago in Immigration by Ted Bogosian

  What happens if you are an undocumented immigrant and you get arrested? You have more rights than you... Read More

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VIDEO: Call a Lawyer when a Cyberbully Attacks Your Child

Posted 5 years ago in Internet Law by Ted Bogosian

In two horrifying examples of cyberbullying, a girl was taunted online by schoolmates and threatened to kill herself after... Read More

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