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Posted 4 years ago in Consumer Law Government Litigation by Michele Bowman  
DOJ Challenge to AA-US Airways Merger May Not Be Pro-Consumer

Concerned that a proposed merger of US Airways and American Airlines would decrease competition and increase prices for consumers, the Department of Justice is challenging the $11-billion merger in court. But the move may not be as pro-consumer as it looks.   Merger Blues Joined by six state attorneys general, as well as the District of Columbia, the DOJ on Aug. 13 filed a civil antitrust suit in federal court in D.C., seeking to enjoin, or stop, the merger. “[T]he …

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Big Names Gone Bankrupt in 2012

The Great Recession has altered the consumer landscape, forcing such familiar retailers as Borders, Circuit City and The Sharper Image into bankruptcy. And anyone who’s tried to buy a Twinkie in the last few weeks knows that 2012 was another tough year on household names. Slowly but surely, though, things are looking up. Based on the latest available bankruptcy figures, 2012 was on pace to have the fewest new bankruptcies of any year since the crisis began in 2008, according …

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Posted 5 years ago in Bankruptcy by Aaron Kase  
American Airlines Seeks to Rob Retirees of Benefits

In the midst of bankruptcy proceedings, American Airlines has asked a judge to allow it to stop paying retiree health insurance and life insurance benefits. Airline hopes to save over $1.3 billion annually in benefits for 40,000 retirees Fate of retiree benefits could depend on what is spelled out in the plan agreement Bankruptcy may or may not lead to merger with US Airways   Loss of Billions American, currently the nation’s third-largest airline, has been in bankruptcy proceedings since …

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