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Newsbreak: “Too Bad” if Trapped with Comcast [Video]

  A conservative group is suing a school near San Diego, Calif., to end a yoga program. The National Center for Law and Policy claims yoga is a religious activity and under the Constitution’s “separation between church and state” has no place in the Encinitas Unified School District.  A group of parents and the Center assert yoga is a practice of Hinduism and other religions. The Center is a non-profit Christian organization. Its website provides a stated mission of protection …

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Posted 4 years ago in Class Actions Consumer Law by Aaron Kase  
Supreme Court May Let Comcast Skate on Monopoly Class Action

The U.S. Supreme Court this month heard arguments on a case that could have a dramatic impact on consumers’ ability to join forces in class action lawsuits against corporations that violate their rights. In Comcast v. Behrend, the court will decide how high of a hurdle plaintiffs must clear to even be certified as a class before they can proceed with a lawsuit. Cable customers tried to team up to file a suit against Comcast, alleging that the Philadelphia-based cable …

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