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Posted 4 years ago in Criminal Law Personal Injury by Sylvia Hsieh  
Sweet Yeezus, Will Kanye Do Time for Attacking Paparazzi?

Rapper and new dad Kanye West has been charged with two criminal counts for allegedly attacking a photographer at the Los Angeles airport in July. In the incident, a photographer tries to stop Kanye saying, “Kanye, can we talk to you?” Kanye ignores him and the photographer continues, asking “What’s up with all that stuff? Do you just want to quash all that stuff, because you’re a cool guy? Why can’t we talk to you?” It’s unclear what “stuff” he was …

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Posted 4 years ago in Crime by Aaron Kase  
Porn Star Jenna Jameson Gets Rough, Then Spanked by Friend

Porn legend Jenna Jameson was taken into custody via citizen’s arrest this weekend for allegedly committing battery against someone inside an Orange County home. The victim detained Jameson until a police officer came by and took her to the station. She has not yet been charged, pending a review of the evidence. According to TMZ, Jameson had been gearing up to go to her birthday party when the alleged battery took place. Jameson claimed on Twitter that a friend broke …

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Posted 5 years ago in Divorce by Michele Bowman  
Chad Johnson Relents on Divorce, Faces Battery Charge

Facing a battery charge in Florida stemming from a domestic dispute with his wife Evelyn Lozada, former NFL star Chad Johnson finally agreed on Sept. 13 to sign divorce papers filed by Lozada in August. Johnson, infamously known as “Ocho Cinco,” had earlier refused to go along with the divorce. Johnson allegedly head-butted Lozada in the dispute, which began after she confronted him with what she believed to be evidence of his infidelity. The couple was married in July. According …

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