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Posted 4 years ago in Crime by Aaron Kase  
Home Burglar Gets Stuck in Mud, Calls Tow Truck for Help

An alleged burglar in Massachusetts had to call a tow truck when his pickup, loaded up with stolen goods, got stuck in the mud in his victim’s yard. “This is a first, that someone has called to get their vehicle towed after they completed a home burglary – from the yard where the burglary took place,” the local police chief told the Sun Chronicle newspaper. The thief’s truck was full of jewelry, televisions and other electronics. He apparently tried laying …

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Posted 4 years ago in Crime News of the Weird by Chuck Shepherd  
Oakland, Calif., Offers Classes for Up-and-Coming Burglars

Among the helpful civic classes the city government in Oakland, Calif., set up earlier this year for its residents was one on how to pick locks (supposedly to assist people who had accidentally locked themselves out of their homes), and lock-picking kits were even offered for sale after class. Some residents were aghast, as the city had seen burglaries increase by 40 percent in 2012. Asked one complainer, “What’s next? The fundamentals of armed robbery?” (In February, Mayor Jean Quan …

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Posted 5 years ago in Criminal Law by Aaron Kase  
Looting, Fraud on the Rise After Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy had hardly finished its rampage across the eastern United States when the looting began. Reports quickly popped up about burglars entering homes and shops to make off with contents that hadn’t been destroyed by the storm. A handful of arrests have been reported across the region so far for looting, with many more anecdotal accounts of the free-for-all. Unfortunately, looting is a common occurrence following a major storm. “It’s more or less a crime of opportunity,” says Bruce A. …

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