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Posted 4 years ago in Consumer Law Personal Injury by Aaron Kase  
Nightmare Cruise Not the First Carnival Debacle

The reports from the Carnival Triumph, the cruise ship that was stranded for days in February without electricity or working plumbing, were viscerally horrific.  One passenger described the experience as just like camping “except crowded and unhygienic.” “People are getting sick because sewage everyone; urine on the floors, waste in bags, and undercooked food, [sic]” the passenger said on Reddit. “Strong fecal and urine stench near the cabins and just a poor environment.” As the public relations repercussions continue to …

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Posted 4 years ago in Class Actions Editors Picks Personal Injury by Aaron Kase  
Carnival Nightmare Cruise Triggers Class Action Lawsuit

A dream vacation turned nightmare has sparked a class action lawsuit against the Carnival Corp. cruise line. Over 100 passengers of a cruise that was marooned for days in the Gulf of Mexico without functioning power or plumbing have joined the suit, alleging that the ship wasn’t seaworthy to begin with, and that it forced guests to spend extra days stranded at sea by not heading to the closest port once it was disabled. The ship, illogically named Triumph, left …

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