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Posted 1 year ago in Medical Malpractice by Josh Crank  
Catholic Health Group Calls Own Legal Strategy ‘Morally Wrong’

Attorneys for Catholic Health Initiatives (CHI) will stop relying on a Colorado law that says human fetuses aren’t people, according to a statement released by the health care group. CHI drew criticism last month after it defended a wrongful death lawsuit involving twin boys who died in utero by citing the Colorado Wrongful Death Act, which says that injured parties are entitled to damages “when the death of a person is caused by a wrongful act.” Under the statute, the …

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Catholic Health Group Says Unborn Babies Aren’t People

Attorneys for a Catholic health care organization are defending against a wrongful death lawsuit by making an unexpected argument: A fetus is not a person. Jeremy Stodghill brought the suit two years after his wife, Lori, died in St. Thomas More Hospital in Canon City, Col. Lori was seven months pregnant with twin boys when she began vomiting and struggling to breathe on New Years Day in 2006. Jeremy drove her to the hospital emergency room, where she suffered a …

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