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Posted 4 years ago in Internet Law by Mike Mintz  
New Law Will Let the Feds Monitor Your Email

A new pending law called the Cyber Intelligence Sharing Protection Act of 2011 (CISPA) might make your email a matter of national security. The proposed legislation could include monitoring of your e-mails, filtering content and blocking access to sites. Critics of the proposed statute argue that it would let internet service providers monitor you for possible infringement of intellectual property, which might include downloading a TV show or watching it on a site like Hulu, posting pictures on Pinterest that …

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Posted 5 years ago in Internet Law by Mike Mintz  
The Internet Goes Black to Stop SOPA and Censorship

A funny thing happened to me today while using Wikipedia. At around 10am EST I got a taste of what Internet censorship must look like. While researching an article using one of my favorite free sites, Wikipedia, it went black on me and showed this message:   At first I panicked: “oh no! I broke Wikipedia!” Then I remembered that today, January 18, 2012, many websites are “blacking out” in protest of the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) that is …

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