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Trial Lawyers Fight Anti-Consumer Lobbies on Tort Reform

The American Association of Justice (formerly the Association of Trial Lawyers of America) has launched a new campaign to educate consumers about their rights to bring civil suits to redress wrongs including medical malpractice, damage from defective products and drugs, and negligence or wrongdoing by large corporations. “Take Justice Back” features a website where consumers can learn about tort reform, patients’ and plaintiffs’ rights, and real-life cases in which regular people are fighting for their rights to access the courts …

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Posted 5 years ago in Consumer Law by Michele Bowman  
Debt Settlement Companies Rip Off Consumers

It’s a debtor’s nightmare: you pay a company to help you pay off what you owe, but the company rips you – and 78,000 other people – off for thousands of dollars each, then makes empty promises to give all of you a refund. You and the other victims file a class action lawsuit and fight for four years to recoup what you’re owed, and in the end all you get is $185. But that’s exactly what happened to consumers in …

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