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Posted 4 years ago in Marijuana On the Lighter Side by Michele Bowman  
Justin Bieber to Fans: I Own Your Snapshots

As if child-stars gone wild was some kind of surprise, Justin Bieber fans are freaking out over the possibility that the 18-year-old could be – gasp! – smoking pot and drinking alcohol, after pictures emerged on the Internet of the singer allegedly partying with friends.  “Beliebers” might have even more to freak out about if rumors about Bieber’s plans to counteract such negative publicity come true: He reportedly plans to post signs at his hangouts that purport to make any …

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Posted 5 years ago in Litigation by Michele Bowman  
Does Email a Contract Make? Arizona Court to Decide

“Thank you” How many times have you sent those two simple words in an email? Did you know that by doing so, you could signing an enforceable contract? A real estate agent who thought she was a couple’s “exclusive” broker suing them after they used another agent to buy a home, saying they had a contract via email. As a result, an Arizona appellate court has required a trial court to address what counts as an electronic signature for contractual …

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