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Posted 4 years ago in Your Job & The Law by Josh Crank  
Trader Joe’s Picks a Fight With a Pirate

If you’ve ever experienced the euphoria brought on by Trader Joe’s chocolate-covered potato chips, you might say Canadian Michael Hallatt is doing God’s work. Using a cargo van that may as well be Santa’s sleigh when fully loaded, Hallatt hauls thousands of dollars worth of Trader Joe’s products from Washington state, where they’re sold, to Vancouver, where they aren’t. The products ultimately land on the shelves of Pirate Joe’s, a small shop where non-perishable Trader Joe’s goodies are resold at …

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Single Mom Student Wins $13 Million from For-Profit College

A for-profit college must pay $13 million for pulling a bait-and-switch on a single mother who took out $27,000 in student loans for the wrong degree then was told she had to take out another $10,000 for the correct degree. In 2009, Jennifer Kerr, a 42-year old single mother of two children, decided to pursue her dream of becoming a nurse after she saw a TV ad for Vatterott College and visited the Kansas City campus of the Missouri-based for-profit …

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