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Posted 3 years ago in Personal Injury Products Liability by Michele Bowman  
Another Hip Replacement Suit Added Against Dupuy

DePuy Orthopaedics continues to be sued for its hip replacement devices. One type – the Articular Surface Replacement (ASR) – has already attracted lawsuits across the country based on allegations that it fails too soon and causes metal to enter patients’ bloodstream. Now it must defend another metal ball and socket device, the Pinnacle.   Virginia Man Struggles with Revisions Personal injury law firm Alonso Krangle on Apr. 15 announced that it had filed a new suit in the Dallas multidistrict …

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DePuy Owes $8.3M After First Hip Replacement Trial

A jury in California on Mar. 8 ordered DePuy Orthopaedics to pay over $8.3 million to a man who says the Johnson & Johnson subsidiary knowingly made and marketed a faulty hip replacement device.    Mixed Verdict In the trial, which began in January, Loren Kransky alleged that the DePuy Articular Surface Replacement (ASR) he received was defective and that the company failed to warn its users that the metal ball and socket could grind against each other and release …

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Posted 4 years ago in Litigation Products Liability by Michele Bowman  
First DePuy Hip Replacement Suit Goes to Trial

Opening arguments took place Jan. 25 in the trial of a lawsuit brought in California against Johnson & Johnson by a patient who received the company’s allegedly faulty “ASR” implant in hip replacement surgery. The device at issue, called the Articular Surface Replacement (ASR), is a metal ball and socket, the parts of which can grind against each other and release metal into the body, which can be toxic and require revision surgery.   Focus on Internal Documents J&J’s DePuy …

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