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Posted 3 years ago in Marijuana by Josh Crank  
Denial of Marijuana Reclassification Appealed to Supreme Court

Medical marijuana advocates want the United States Supreme Court to hear an appeal that could lead to marijuana’s removal from Schedule I of the Controlled Substances Act. Americans for Safe Access appealed a January decision from the District of Columbia U.S. Circuit Court that found a lack of “adequate and well-controlled studies” proving the medical efficacy of marijuana. Even though plaintiffs presented more than 200 peer-reviewed studies, the three-judge panel concluded that the studies did not meet certain standards and …

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Posted 4 years ago in Crime Marijuana by Josh Crank  
Fake Fed Truck Packed With Pot

It’s getting to the point where you can’t even impersonate a federal official with a half-ton of weed in your truck anymore. Two Mexican nationals were arrested this week after border patrol agents caught them with 933 pounds of marijuana in a truck emblazoned with U.S. Fish and Wildlife decals. The disguise apparently wasn’t convincing enough to fool agents who attempted to pull the vehicle over on suspicion of drug smuggling near Elfrida, Ariz., last week. The driver of the …

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Appeals Court Considers Marijuana Reclassification

More than 10 years after it was initially filed, the latest petition to remove marijuana from Schedule I of the Controlled Substances Act is finally giving the herb its day in court. The current classification lumps cannabis in with drugs such as heroin, LSD and mescaline. The District of Columbia U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals heard oral arguments this week in the case of Americans for Safe Access v. Drug Enforcement Administration, providing an opening for medical marijuana reform advocates …

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