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Legal Weed Means Tougher DUI Laws in Washington

When Washington voters legalized marijuana last month, they also accepted a new legal standard for toking and driving. Just as .08 percent is a Washington driver’s limit for blood alcohol content, five nanograms per milliliter of blood is their new limit for active THC, marijuana’s psychoactive component. In most recreational users, active THC will drop below that threshold within two to three hours of using marijuana. But among the heaviest users, active THC levels may never drop below five nanograms, …

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Posted 5 years ago in Criminal Law by David Baarlaer  
Stoned or Drunk, Driving Isn’t an Option

A recent study shows that medical-use marijuana may be making our roads and highways safer. Whether that’s true or not we may never know, and, at least from a legal standpoint, it really doesn’t matter. A new study shows a decline in traffic-relate deaths in states with legalized marijuana No matter your opinion on whether pot should or shouldn’t be legal, driving while high is just as illegal as driving while drunk Penalties for a marijuana DUI may be harsher than for …

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