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Posted 4 years ago in Government Litigation Personal Injury by Michele Bowman  
Monster and San Francisco Battle Over Energy Drinks

Monster Beverage Corporation, maker of Monster Energy drinks, and the San Francisco city attorney have declared litigation war on each other in an escalating battle over whether Monster’s caffeinated drinks are unsafe, especially for minors. First Monster sued City Attorney Dennis Herrera, claiming his office is unfairly singling out the company and overstepping his authority; then Herrera fired back with his own lawsuit, claiming Monster is practicing unfair competition, mislabeling its drinks, and violating state laws that regulate foods with …

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Monster Energy Offers Caffeine Math in Response to Report

Already under the microscope in a lawsuit filed by the parents of a teen who died after drinking two cans of its energy drink, Monster Beverage Corporation is taking a report by the Drug Abuse Warning Network (DAWN) personally.    DAWN Sounds the Alarm The DAWN report, issued Jan. 10 and titled “Update on Emergency Department Visits Involving Energy Drinks: A Continuing Public Health Concern,” says that “medical and behavioral consequences can result from excessive caffeine intake.” DAWN is a …

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Monster Energy Drink Accused in Teen Death [Video]

  After drinking two large cans of Monster Energy Drink within 24 hours, 14-year-old Anais Fournier of Hagerstown, Md. died of cardiac arrest. Gabe Silverman reports on the wrongful death and class action lawsuits filed by Anais’s parents against the makers of Monster Energy Drink. Their lawyer, Kevin Goldberg of Goldberg, Finnegan & Mester says if the company had used a warning label that individuals with underlying heart conditions should not consume energy drinks, Anais would not be dead, today. …

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