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Posted 4 years ago in Estate Planning Wills and Probate by Michele Bowman  
Your Child’s Marriage and Rewriting Your Will

If Valentine’s Day results in the announcement of an engagement for one of your children, lawyers say it’s time to start thinking about how your own legal affairs are structured. And while you’re at it, you may need to offer a little good old-fashioned parental advice for your googly-eyed child.   Think Ahead Once an engagement happens, the wheels start turning for the parents. “I typically see parents getting their wills drafted for the first time when their kids get …

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Posted 4 years ago in Editors Picks Your Family & The Law by Aaron Kase  
Avoid Legal Pitfalls on Your Valentine’s Day Engagement

Valentine’s Day can mean chocolate, flowers . . . and an engagement ring? Couples whose cupid-day festivities include bending down on one knee have every reason to celebrate with smooches and champagne, but nevertheless should be aware of the legal implications of getting engaged. While engagement isn’t a legal contract per se, it can involve the exchange or sharing of property that could bring lawyers into the picture if the union goes sour. In particular, the engagement ring itself is …

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