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Posted 4 years ago in Gay and Lesbian issues Video by Ed Alpern  
N.J. Ban on Gay Conversion Therapy Faces Lawsuit [Video]

  “The therapists told my parents, at the time, that I was at risk of being pre-homsexual,” says Mordechai Levovitz, a gay social worker in New York. “And there are things that they can do to stop me from turning gay.” He founded an organization called Jewish Queer Youth or JQY. “I was hearing pain. I was hearing frustration, I was hearing shame. The conversion therapy was actually causing them the anxiety and the trauma.”    Every day, Levovitz hears horror …

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New Jersey Bans Gay Conversion Therapy

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie signed into law on Monday a bill that prohibits therapists from trying to convince gay teenagers to be straight. The practice of gay conversion therapy has been widely discredited as ineffective and dangerous to youth, criticized for pushing children into depression and even suicide. One legislator referred it as “an insidious form of child abuse.” New Jersey is the second state to pass a ban on the therapy, and will likely be the first with an …

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