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Posted 4 years ago in Video Your Personal Rights by Staff Editor   
America, One Nation Under Surveillance [Video]

  Larry Bodine, editor-in-chief of Lawyers.com, reports this is America, one nation under surveillance. Many of you have heard about government spying on U.S. citizens, but aren’t worried about it, because you’re not doing anything wrong. At least not yet. A lot of us start our day by checking our email and visiting websites in the morning. Whom you contact and where you visit is all monitored by the National Security Agency. No search warrant is required. When you call …

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New App Blocks Government Spying on Your Calls and Texts

A new cell phone app and a security chip allow ordinary citizens to protect their phone calls and texts against violations of Fourth Amendment search-and-seizure rights from government spying. The federal government is collecting data on every phone call we make, is photographing each piece of mail and is tracking the GPS of cell phones — all without getting a search warrant as required in the Fourth Amendment of the Constitution. There is little or nothing to stop the federal …

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