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Posted 11 months ago in Jury Awards Labor and Employment by Sylvia Hsieh  
Record $240M Award for Abuse of Disabled Workers Slashed to $1.6M

A jury verdict earlier this month to mentally disabled workers who were abused and forced to live in a “house of horrors” has been drastically slashed after trial. A federal law that limits damages will cut the jury’s award from $240 million to $1.6 million. After deciding that Texas-based turkey processing plant Henry’s Turkey Service subjected the workers to abuse, discrimination and physical punishment at home and at work, the jury awarded $7.5 million to each of the 32 workers. …

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Posted 12 months ago in Jury Awards Labor and Employment by Sylvia Hsieh  
$240M to Disabled Workers Abused in Company’s ‘House Of Horrors’

A turkey processing company has been ordered by a jury to pay a whopping $240 million for paying mentally disabled workers 41 cents per hour and housing them in a rodent-infested “house of horrors.” The award will be divided evenly among 32 mentally disabled workers who worked for Henry’s Turkey Service in Atalissa, Iowa. The lawsuit alleged the company violated federal law protecting workers with disabilities and that the men were abused, harshly disciplined, including being kicked in the groin, …

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