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Is Your Employer Watching You While You Watch Porn at Work?

One of the less-publicized allegations in the lawsuit against food empress Paula Deen is that the proliferation of porn in the back office created a hostile work environment for employees of her restaurant. Lisa Jackson, a former manager of a restaurant owned by Deen and operated by Deen’s brother Bubba Hiers, claimed in her lawsuit that Bubba was an enthusiastic consumer of porn on the job, and that an email address that Jackson shared with him often received porn (from …

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Will Paula Deen’s Prop 8 Legal Maneuver Work?

In Paula Deen’s latest legal move in defending an ongoing lawsuit that accuses her of sexual and racial harassment, she claims that the employee who brought the lawsuit is white and therefore cannot sue for racist comments against African-Americans. The explosive lawsuit filed by Lisa Jackson, a former restaurant manager for the Deen food empire, alleges that a racist and sexist environment pervaded the workplace at restaurants owned by Deen and run by her brother “Bubba” Hiers. The complaint claims …

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Editor’s Choice: Jury Awards Edition

Convenience store ordered to pay $716 million for selling alcohol to minor A convenience store was hit with a gigantic $716 million verdict for selling alcohol to a 17 year-old driver who crashed into another car killing a man. High school senior David Holdsworth had blood-alcohol level nearly twice the legal limit when he crashed into a car occupied by Samuel Garcia, killing him. Garcia’s family sued Best for Less Food Mart, the convenience store where Holdsworth bought alcohol before …

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