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Posted 4 years ago in Divorce by Josh Crank  
No Prenup Could Cost Oil Tycoon Billions in Divorce

Had oil tycoon Harold Hamm known back in 1988 he would grow up to be America’s 32nd richest man, he might have asked his fiancee Sue Ann for a prenup. Instead, 25 years after their conditionless Las Vegas nuptials, the Hamms are negotiating a divorce settlement that could blow away the $1.7 billion record set by media mogul Rupert Murdoch and his second wife Anna in 1999. Sue Ann Hamm could walk away with more than $3 billion, placing her …

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When to Hire a Private Eye in Divorces [Video]

  Whether you’re considering divorce or are in the middle of one, do you wonder if you should hire a private investigator? Lawyers.com journalist Amber Statler-Matthews reports on what private eyes do in divorce cases. Divorce lawyer Dolly Hernandez, a partner at Rafool & Hernandez LLC in Miami, Florida, uses investigators in five to 10 percent of her cases. She explains the circumstances when detectives can help. Amber also speaks with one of the country’s best known private eyes, Dawn …

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