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Posted 4 years ago in Divorce Gay and Lesbian issues by Aaron Kase  
Demise of DOMA May Not Help Gay Couples Seeking Divorce

A lesbian couple filed for divorce just a week after Minnesota enacted its marriage equality law on Aug. 1. Dawn Tuckner and her wife were married in Canada in 2004 and even had a child together through artificial insemination, but the union soon went sour. However, since they lived in Minnesota, which didn’t recognize their marriage until this year, they couldn’t get divorced. “I was so excited. I’ve been stuck in a relationship — basically being married to someone that, …

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Posted 5 years ago in Divorce by Aaron Kase  
What You Need To Know About LGBT Divorce

As marriage equality spreads across the nation in fits and starts, LGBT couples are slowly gaining access to the rights and privileges their straight counterparts enjoy, including divorce. But how can spouses get a divorce if they reside in a state that doesn’t recognize their marriage to begin with? Maryland will grant LGBT divorces, but other states without gay marriage won’t Repeal of Defense of Marriage Act wouldn’t resolve recognition problem LGBT spouses living in states that don’t recognize gay …

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