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Banks Run Roughshod over Widows in Foreclosure [Video]

  Banks are foreclosing on the homes of widows. Financial institutions are refusing to modify mortgages when husbands have died without listing their surviving wives on the notes. Lawyers.com journalist Ed Alpern shows you how banks have gotten away with these practices and how you can fight losing your home to foreclosure. Director of Foreclosure Prevention Litigation at Legal Services NYC Jacob Inwald emphasizes banks are under a legal obligation to attempt to avoid foreclosures and to promote loan modifications. …

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Posted 4 years ago in Foreclosure Real Estate by Michele Bowman  
New Rules Offer Homeowners Protection from Foreclosure

As anyone who’s ever dealt with a mortgage – not to mention a foreclosure – knows, getting a straight story from mortgage servicers, the companies that handle loan modifications and foreclosures, can be next to impossible. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) is trying to help: On Jan. 17, the federal agency released final rules that aim to better protect consumers from detrimental actions by such companies and require them to give homeowners facing foreclosure more and better information.   …

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