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Posted 1 year ago in Government Immigration by Aaron Kase  
Supreme Court Strikes Down Strict Ariz. Voting Requirements

Arizona cannot mandate prospective voters to provide documentation above and beyond federal requirements when they register to vote, the Supreme Court ruled today. The high court handed down a 7-2 decision striking down the state’s law that people provide proof of citizenship to join the electorate rolls. By federal law, residents need only swear that they are citizens, and Arizona has no right to add more requirements to the process, the ruling clarifies: The states must “accept and use” the …

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Posted 2 years ago in Government Immigration by Aaron Kase  
Supreme Court Weighs Ariz. Restrictions on Voter Registrations

The U.S. Supreme Court today heard arguments about whether states can require documents to register voters for federal elections above and beyond what the federal government itself deems necessary. In Arizona v. The Inter Tribal Council of Arizona, the court will decide whether Arizona can enforce a law that compels would-be voters to show proof that they are U.S. citizens. Under the federal National Voter Registration Act, people who register to vote swear under penalty of perjury that they are …

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Posted 2 years ago in Immigration Landmark Court Cases by Aaron Kase  
Supreme Court To Decide on Proof of Citizenship for Voting

The Supreme Court today said that it would hear arguments over whether states can require proof of citizenship from residents when they register to vote. However, the hearings and ruling will probably not come until next year and will have no effect on November’s presidential election. The case stems from a 2004 Arizona law that mandated proof of citizenship as a requirement for people wishing to register to vote in the state, among other provisions. Acceptable documents included a driver’s license …

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