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Posted 4 years ago in Class Actions Personal Injury by Aaron Kase  
NCAA Now Facing Concussion-Related Class Action Suit

A class action federal lawsuit has been filed against the NCAA by former football players alleging that the collegiate athletic organization did not do enough to prevent, diagnose and treat brain injuries. The class could cover every former college football player who didn’t go on to play professionally. “Plaintiffs and the members of the Class have no adequate remedy at law in that monetary damages alone cannot compensate them for the increased risks of long-term physical and economic losses associated …

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Posted 4 years ago in Personal Injury Video by Betsy Kim  
Newsbreak: NFL Concussion Case Faces Deadline [Video]

  Betsy Kim, editorial director of Lawyers.com, provides today’s Newsbreak for sports fans. Former Chicago Bulls star Scottie Pippen is being sued for four million dollars. He’s accused of assaulting a man at a Malibu restaurant. Camran Shafighi claims he wanted to take Pippen’s picture for his girlfriend’s 12-year-old son. Some witnesses reported the plaintiff seemed drunk. An argument erupted and Shafighi ended up in the hospital with a head injury and filing a lawsuit against a winner of six …

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