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Posted 4 years ago in Child Custody and Support by Aaron Kase  
Judge Orders Man to Tell Women He Is a Deadbeat

A Wisconsin man is going to have a tough time picking up women, unless he can woo them in three minutes or less. A judge has ordered that as a condition of his probation, John Butler, 28, must tell women within three minutes of meeting them that he is a felon who owes child support. Butler pled no contest for failure to pay support and was given two years probation for the felony. As we learned recently, Wisconsin had state …

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Judge Forbids Wisconsin Man to Father More Children

Lots of people who have children probably shouldn’t. For one man in Wisconsin, a judge has intervened in his prolific personal life and banned him from having any more kids, under the threat of jail time. Corey Curtis, 44, was sentenced to three years probation in December for failing to pay up on the $90,000 he owes in child support, as well as felony bail jumping. As a condition of the probation, the judge ordered him to not father any …

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