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Posted 4 years ago in Immigration Your Personal Rights by Betsy Kim  
Obama Administration Tough on Border Security [Infographic]

The Obama Administration has cracked down on illegal immigration, spending more money on immigration enforcement than on all other federal law enforcement agencies combined in the last fiscal year, according to a The Migration Policy Institute’s recent report. The non-partisan think tank reported nearly $18 billion is spent each year on immigration and border enforcement. The infographic provided by the Center for American Progress shows a whopping increase in border security from the last five years.   The Center believes …

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Posted 5 years ago in by Michele Bowman  
Drillers Hose Texas Landowners with Fast & Dirty Fracking

Hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking,” – a method of oil and gas extraction – was already controversial because of charges that the process is harmful to the environment. Now it’s being used to rip off landowners who refuse to sell the mineral rights to their property. After Kaushik De and his wife Ranjana Bhandari reportedly refused to deal with Chesapeake Energy Corp., which wanted to use fracking to drill for the natural gas under their home in Arlington, Texas, the company …

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