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‘Robin Hood’ Parking Meter Activists Sued by City

The city of Keene, N.H., has had enough of a group of Free State activists who feed parking meters to help fellow citizens avoid tickets and is suing the group, alleging they harass parking enforcement cops, according to a news report.   Freed from Parking Tickets After several years of simply feeding the random parking meter to save a fellow citizen from a parking ticket, Robin Hood of Keene members took the idea to whole new level about six months …

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Your Parking Ticket Might Be an Invasion of Privacy

The U.S. Supreme Court will decide if it will hear arguments on whether a town’s use of personal identifying information on parking tickets is in violation of federal law. The justices considered the case of Village of Palatine v. Senne in January and are expected to announce soon if they will take it for review. At stake is whether towns can issue parking tickets that include the violator’s name, address and other personal information. The dispute began when Illinois resident …

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