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Artist Flames Protest with Smokey the Bear [Video]

  If you’re of a certain age, you know the image of Smokey the Bear, and the message he delivered: “Only YOU can prevent forest fires!” But Lawyers.com videojournalist Ed Alpern reports when Brooklyn activist and artist, Lopi LaRoe, became involved in protesting hydraulic fracturing (also known as fracking) on federal lands, she envisioned Smokey in another way. She created a banner where Smokey said, “Only YOU can prevent faucet fires!” The image spread like wildfire on the Internet. A …

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How Far Can You Take a Twitter Parody Account? [Video]

  Many of us enjoy following funny Twitter parody accounts. For example, @Lord_Voldemort7 has over 2 million followers. “Not Mark Zuckerberg (@notzuckerberg) pokes fun at the Facebook billionaire with tweet such as, “It’s funny. Technically you’re the ‘user’ but really, I use you.” But how far you can take a Twitter parody without getting into trouble?  Lawyers.com Editor-in-Chief Larry Bodine provides basic tips on how to avoid lawsuits. One clever Twitter account, “The Times is Onit” ( However, Larry shows …

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Posted 6 years ago in Government by Heather Hutchins  
Backlash Against TSA for Strip-Searching an 85-Year Old Grandmother

The alleged strip search of an 85-year-old grandmother by a Transportation Security Administration officer has prompted the introduction of a bill to deprive TSA employees of their rank and uniform. The elderly victim, Lenore Zimmerman, of Long Beach, N.Y., is threatening to sue the TSA after she charged that she was strip searched by female TSA officers at JFK Airport in New York. In response to Zimmerman’s claim, along with a variety of other alleged wrong-doing by TSA officers, Representative Marsha …

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